Car mobile phone Bluetooth door switch OBD modification


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  • Brand: BYD/ BYD
  • Model: Bluetooth comfort entry
  • Color classification: OBD universal model (most cars can be universal) OBD universal model (with OBD one-to-two conversion line) Before placing an order, please test whether your car can be installed or not. Before placing an order, you must know that this module requires a welding key
  • Car modification product classification: OBD

       Men of science and engineering, do not modify pictures, and sometimes reply slowly, please don’t mind.

Bluetooth key module function introduction: disassemble an original car remote control key, weld the power supply of the key circuit board, unlock, lock the control point, and then connect to the Bluetooth module, insert the module into the car’s OBD port for power supply, after the applet is set up, Use the Bluetooth signal of the mobile phone to connect and disconnect, let the module control the unlock or lock signal on the key to issue instructions, and the car can perform the corresponding actions.


After the module performs the unlocking action, the key will always be powered to ensure normal start and driving. After the module is locked, the key will be disconnected immediately to ensure the safety of the locked car. Don’t worry if the Bluetooth signal is disconnected during driving. The vehicle will not be turned off and locked. Instead, the instrument or voice prompts that the key or other prompts cannot be detected. Just deal with the Bluetooth connection problem.

The Bluetooth key module does not occupy the audio channel, and can be connected to the headset and the central control of the car at the same time without interfering with each other.

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